Hang ups

To read this poem in Spanish: hit 1.
For a bawdy limerick: hit 2.
Insightful haiku: hit 3.
For sonnets and other romantic poetry: hit 4.
If you’re into free verse, please stay on the line
for the next available beatnik.

To connect to another human, at anytime:
hang up.

Tea Review & Kombucha Recipe: Pineapple Paradise from Boston Tea

11643_1__14187.1371493642.386.513This week, I’m highlighting Pineapple Paradise, a  favorite, affordable bulk Green tea from Boston Tea.

The green tea blend, containing Sencha whole-leaf tea with pineapple bits, lemon peel and rose petals is fruity and a bit floral.  It is by far, the most attractive and fragrant green tea I’ve purchased. I brew most of loose tea and coffee using a French press. I paid $16 for a 4-cup French press at Starbucks. More recently, I found a 6-cup press via Amazon for $11.

This blend is among my favorites.  It’s tasty. It’s flexible. It’s inexpensive.  You can get an  8 oz. Resealable Pouch from Amazon for less than $16 from Amazon .  It’s a bit more expensive than other brands I’ve featured, but well worth the price. It also makes a good Kombucha. Continue reading

Social media drives referrals and opportunities for B2B

Question: How effective is social networking for B2B marketing?

Answer: Social media is a powerful tool for B2B marketers and business owners. It can be used effectively to monitor prospects, drive referrals; create new business opportunities; and attract the right talent and more… Although the effectiveness of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) may vary by industry, LinkedIn seems universally effective for B2B marketing.

In B2B industries, nothing is more valuable than the quality of your relationships. Whether you realize it or not your success in business depends on your ability not only to establish key relationships, but to leverage, influence and add value to your relationships.

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Fight Facebook Oversharing with Custom Friend Settings

friend_settingsIf you’re active on Facebook, there’s a good chance you are frequently frustrated by a few friends or family members that overshare.

Some overshare mundane, gross, intimate and inappropriate details of their life. Others overshare photos, jokes, videos and gameplay.

People deal with oversharing in different ways. The most common? unfriending. However, there is a better way to battle oversharing on Facebook: You can adjust the individual friend settings for friends that overuse your stream.

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Make an Impact with Social Media